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The Benefits of e-Prescriptions

There are more things that people can do through the internet the simply sending emails. Now, the role of the internet has changed our lives, and it has become widespread playing a more serious and bigger role to society and to individual lives. The more we rely on the internet, the more effective, efficient, and more convenient its impact is on business people and its consumers. Today, the use of the internet has even reached the healthcare industry with its work and functions relying on it and which we cannot ignore.

For healthcare to be effective, there needs to be accurate and fast information, documentation, and communication since it could be a matter of life and death for some patients. It also has a tremendous impact on patient care and healthcare delivery because many physicians can now get together for collaboration on specific diagnoses thus saving both valuable time and money than when it is done using our conventional and a more inferior and static method.

It is now possible for physicians to check on patient records even away from the hospital or clinic. Now e-prescription is growing rapidly, not just because the technology has improved but also because of the substantial advantages that the patient and the physician can obtain from it. All states in US are now allowed to use e-prescriptions which include e-prescriptions for controlled substances. This means that the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) has now revised its regulations to provide practitioners with an option of writing prescriptions for controlled substances electronically. There is also a regulation that lets pharmacies receive, dispense and record e-prescriptions in their databases. This barrier has paved the way because of the latest “encryption technology” working to secure superior levels of risk determinants, and the same reason why our monetary institutions have ushered in e banking, debit and credit card protection.
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Other than convenience and a more regulated protection, it also eliminates erroneous culpability obtained from either a not so clear handwriting of the physician or an improper handling of the pharmacist to give the prescribed drug to the right recipient. With e-prescription, the prescription history of a patient can be accessed by a pharmacist more or less informing him of the type of medication the patient is using, and thus reducing error of dispensing the wrong one. There has been recorded about 95,000 prescription drug errors since the year 2000 due to misreading illegible physician handwriting or giving the wrong drugs by overworked pharmacy dispensers. With e-prescriptions these errors can be avoided and protect the safety of the patient.
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Another advantage of e prescription is that it prompts the doctor to fill out all the pertinent information before it can be electronically processed. Physicians have to put the correct dosage, strength, frequency and method of taking it.